It is essential for the Handy sales process that you register your customers and their most important data. This information will be used to plan visits, record visits, sales and much more.

There are two ways to load clients in Handy: individually or through a template that we provide you. In this article we will review how to load clients individually:

Load of clients individually

In the Handy web portal, access the Catalogs menu and select the Customers option. On this screen you will see the list of enabled clients. Click on the Add new button. There you have 3 options, select the first one of Customers.

Would you like to capture all the data of your client? Remember, the more information you add to the customer, the better.

Below the data captured from the client, you will be shown the corresponding location on the map, according to the information provided. If it is not accurate, you can drag the client's location icon on the map and move it into the right place. The latitude and longitude fields will be updated with this manual adjustment.

When you finish capturing all the client data, make sure to press the "Save" button so the information is recorded.

To learn how to load Clients massively click here

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